Cryos Technologies

    A unique orthotic experience enhanced by advanced imaging and 3D technology.

    End to End Digital Solution

    Everything we do is done to help more people rediscover the pleasure of an active lifestyle. In order to do this, we are focused on making our orthotic therapy the most effective possible. The use of 3D technologies from start to finish in the production of our orthotics is a game changer in preserving the initial data of the patient’s foot and minimizing manual modifications still present in most laboratories. In a business where precision counts, the intelligent use of 3D technologies has led to a giant leap forward in being able to produce the most precise orthotic possible.

    Evidence-Based Approach

    It is only through disciplined measurement that the treatment can be optimized. Measurement is critical to ensuring positive treatment outcomes. The CryoVizion allows for objective data before and after the use of orthotics. You can visually see the difference in muscle activities, posture, alignment and how they have been corrected.

    Patient Experience

    In an environment where price is such a dominant criterion of choice, patient experience is critical to creating trust, understanding and an enhanced perception of value. These make a difference. Being able to differentiate what you are doing is fundamental to commanding a premium. The combination of a unique dynamic orthotic and the technologies forms an elite solution that the patient will not soon forget.