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    The foot suspension system is positioned on top of the scanner allowing for semi-weight bearing scanning. The semi-weight bearing position is used to create an orthotic that stimulates the healthy movement of the foot. The FSS3D is the unique combination of an air cushion and air compressor. The foot positioning surface of the air cushion is a preformed silicone membrane and allows for the practitioner to inflate or deflate the air cushion as needed. The FSS3D enables the capture of all foot shapes from the flattest to highest arches with confidence.

    How does this help your clinicians and their patients?

    The precision of the foot cast is a critical element in the production of a highly effective orthotic device. By eliminating the variability that is inherent with traditional casting technic, clinicians can take a giant step towards helping patients achieve the best treatment outcomes. This also helps to minimize the adjustments made by the lab in the production process, reducing turnaround time and leading to a more satisfied patient.

    Easy to use with voice recognition

    The CryoScan 3D is equipped with a user-friendly voice-recognition system that can easily be operated by one practitioner and activated through a single voice command. No buttons to press, just concentrate on your patient and say «Scan»! Providing a truly high-tech and fun experience for clinicians and their patients.

    How accurate is the CryoScan3D?

    In 3D technology, we measure performance by accuracy and resolution. The CryoScan 3D has the accuracy of 0.5mm (thickness of 5 sheets of paper) which means that it can faithfully create a 3-dimensional image of the foot. The resolution is high enough to properly reproduce that level of accuracy and to assure a quick view of the result is available after a scan is captured. To create the CryoScan3D, we partnered with the team behind the iQube scanner, a proven 3D imaging technology that has been widely accepted in the market. The CryoScan3D offers clinicians and patients the best 3D scanning experience available.

    What you scan is what you get!

    Cryos’ orthotics are custom made from each patient’s own 3D scan, 2D images and prescription provided. Cryos never matches the scan to existing pre-processed images or prefabricated orthotic models. The preparation of the mould and prescription is kept in our secured database for future reference or to reorder a duplicate pair of the same orthotics.