• Can I go directly through the Cryos laboratory to have orthotics?

      No, you can’t get orthotics directly from our lab. You must consult a podiatrist so that he conducts a proper diagnosis and prescription for you. We invite you to visit the FIND A CLINIC page to find the podiatrist nearest you.


    • How to clean my orthotics?

      • For an uncoated orthotic (directly on the plastic), you can clean it with warm water and a mild soap. The use of powerful cleaning agents is not recommended.
      • For an orthotic covered with a material, it is not recommended to clean it with cleaning products.
      • Do not expose your orthotics to a heat source such as the sun or any heating system.
    • What is the life span of orthotics?

      The life span of Cryos orthotics varies between 4 to 5 years for an adult and 12 to 24 months for a child according to its growth.

    • Is it normal to have a slight discomfort at the beginning of my treatment?

      Yes, it is possible to experience slight aches at the beginning of treatment. Your body will gradually adapt to the work of the orthotics. By following the advices of your podiatrist on the first few weeks of wearing the orthotics, you should not experience major discomfort.

    • Why is plantar orthotics treatment controversial for other healthcare professionals?

      For a long time, the conventional ideology of orthotic treatment was based on the immobilization of the foot in a corrective position. However, by eliminating bad movements, the good ones were also eliminated. Specialists do not always agree on the balance between movement and immobility. At Cryos, we believe that movement is essential to an active life. Our orthotic stimulates and guides the foot towards its natural movement in order to keep your muscles active.

    • Can I wear my orthotics in all my activities?

      Yes, you can wear your orthotics in all your activities. It is even possible to make a pair specially for your ski boots, skates, etc. See the importance of wearing your orthotics during a sport on our blog (french only).

    • My orthotic is damaged or lost, what should I do?

      It is possible to recover a damaged orthotic depending on the severity of its damage. Scratches, animal bites and surface damage can usually be repaired. If your orthotics need to be replaced, your podiatrist may need to redo your footprints and send us a new prescription. For any repairs or modifications, you must absolutely go through your postural health professional.

    CryoVizion imaging system

    • Do I have to remove my clothes during the CryoVizion exam?

      No, you don’t have to be completely naked. The CryoVizion imaging system uses the reflection of light on the skin to map your postural condition. You can keep your underwear during the pictures. Depending on your condition, some professionals will ask to lower your underwear in order to take a posterior view of your pelvis. At any time, you are free to refuse to make pictures if you are not comfortable. To learn more about how is a CryoVizion exam conducted, visit our CryoVizion section.

    *The comments in these FAQ represent the opinion of Cryos Technologies Inc.