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    Team up with your postural health professional

    Obtain a better understanding of your evaluation and get optimal results by combining your podiatrist’s expertise with your own determination.

    Clarify your evaluation

    Clearly observe your condition with the different images to better understand your postural problems.

    Monitor your progress

    Follow your progress objectively by comparing the results of your treatments over time.

    Obtain peace-of-mind

    Remain confident throughout your treatment. CryoVizion technology is scientifically proven, with more than 15 years of clinical use.


    I was incredibly surprised by how effective the CryoVizion imaging system was. The fact that I could see pictures of my bad posture helped me understand my situation, making it easier to follow my podiatrist’s advice. On top of that, thanks to the Cryos orthotics that were manufactured according to the results obtained, my backaches have disappeared!

    -Josselin Bey, graphic designer