Cryos dynamic orthotics

    Custom made to meet your specific needs

    Cryos orthotics are manufactured using a hypoallergenic polymer specially designed for increased strength, flexibility and contraction-extension memory. This material is particularly long-lasting and robust, thereby prolonging the lifespan of the orthotics.Thanks to the flexible arch that is adjusted to the specific needs of each patient, the foot is not immobilized, but rather guided in its natural motion.

    They guide the foot through it’s natural movement

    The sawtooth forefoot ensures the proper positioning of the forefoot and stabilizes or self-corrects the position of the orthotic while in motion. The notch and arms allow for corrective positioning of the rearfoot. They help to guide the foot to the desired motion from the point of contact or heel strike.

    You can wear them with confidence

    Our dynamic orthotics are recommended for most problems related to the biomechanics of the body and podiatric pathologies. They are prescribed for both children and adults.



    I've been wearing orthotics since I was very young and still have horrible memories of the adjustments and pain in my legs. In 2005 I changed to Cryos orthotics and quickly got used to them. They are light, easy to clean and my orthotics go wherever I go, in the shoes I wear for all kinds of activities, from high heels to water sports!

    -Dominique Leblanc, mediator