« Treating patients every day motivated us to pursue our research to produce an orthotic that would fit into most shoes, stimulate movement and most importantly, help patients to regain their mobility and active lifestyles. »

    Philippe Legaré, DPM and Cryos leader.

    Our story

    We were trained in the US podiatric system (PCPM) with the Root theory of biomechanics and to use conventional orthotics to immobilize the foot in its neutral position. We soon discovered that theory and practice don’t always converge... After graduating, we started our practices in Quebec. Almost immediately we began to observe the limits of traditional orthotics; this is when we met our mentor, podiatrist, Ronald Perrault. As a visionary, Ronald was already working on his own dynamic orthotic and measurement system; he believed we needed to keep the feet moving to find a solution to foot dysfunction.

    We knew from our collaboration with other health professionals including physical therapists that removing the movement from orthotic therapy was not the optimal solution to address faulty biomechanics. Also, being active ourselves and having a background in exercise science, we agreed with our mentor that the movement of the foot was essential. It was clear to us that orthotic therapy would not just have a significant impact on the feet but also the lower extremities and ultimately the whole posture of our patients.

    At the time, the orthotic solutions available in the podiatric market did not meet our needs challenging us to question the conventional thinking; the result was the creation of a dynamic orthotic solution; one that would stimulate movement, strengthen muscles and guide the foot in its proper motion without constraining it. This is how the Cryos dynamic orthotic, that is still being improved today, was born. In 2003, after the sudden passing of our mentor, we decided to continue this process and in doing so, honoring his vision.

    As with any health treatment, the measurement of outcomes is essential to the success of the treatment. We realized that without tools for measuring the outcomes of orthotics, the results obtained with the dynamic orthotics would be difficult to ascertain. We knew it was important to objectively validate the treatment’s effectiveness and monitor progress over time.

    We first started using the CryoVizion imaging system in our practices more than 15 years ago and even today, we continue to see how the images improve our interaction with patients. The images permit the patient to more easily understand what is being accomplished through treatment and how it will improve their postural state.

    Striving to continuously improve orthotic effectiveness, we had to acknowledge that the variability caused by manual casting and production methods were critical in a business where millimeters count. We took the necessary time to develop a foot scanning system, the CryoScan 3D, that is precise, versatile and easy to use; most importantly it allows for the foot to be scanned in a semi-weight bearing position; the best position for the foot to be in to create a dynamic orthotic. With CryoScan 3D, what you scan is what you get!

    We understand your reality as we have faced the same challenges as you for the past 20 years working and owning our practices. We want to help you make a significant impact in your patient’s lives. We are perfectly aware that what we are doing challenges the conventional way of thinking, but we also know that the results are remarkable and that it’s a change well worth pursuing. Are you ready to move forward with us?