The Cryos approach

For more than a century, the conventional thinking was that immobilizing the foot was the best way to effectively correct feet and postural dysfunction.

At Cryos, we think differently

We believe that:

  • movement is essential to a healthy lifestyle
  • the feet are the foundation of a healthy posture
  • disciplined measurement is fundamental to effective treatment
  • technology is the key element to moving forward


Every day is fuelled by our willingness to help postural health professionals and their patients overcome the challenges they face. By developing integrated, innovative, high-performance solutions we contribute ultimately to help everyone rediscover the pleasure of an active lifestyle through postural well-being.



Innovative thinking permeates the development of our technology & organization towards well-being.


We believe that transparency is the cornerstone of any long-lasting relationship.


We join you in your efforts so that we can better understand the needs of postural health professionals and patients.


Our devotion is a reflection of our commitment and our loyalty.

How we got here